A-Z Home Repair & Improvements

Serving Raleigh NC, Cary NC, Durham NC and all surrounding areas


Carpentry - We provide all types of carpentry work to include exterior wood repairs and improvements to door replacements.  Interior wood repairs, trim, flooring, improvements and door replacements.  We have a number of customers who want to either have two rooms opened up or door openings removed and closed off.  

Electrical - We provide all types of electrical work to include outlet replacements, switch replacements, lighting replacements, lighting installs, GFCI installs, low voltage installs, ceiling fan installs etc.  A typical ceiling fan install whereby an approved ceiling fan outlet already exists will run you 65.00 which includes removal of the light or fan, assembly of your purchased fan, and the installation.  Ceilings above 10' slightly extra.

Plumbing - We provide all types of plumbing repairs to include toilet wax ring replacements, toilet replacements, faucet  fixture replacements, sink replacements, garbage disposal replacements, kitchen faucet hose replacement, hose bib repairs/replacements, leaks in current under sink piping.  A typical commode replacement will include removal and disposal of commode and installation of your purchased commode.  This service runs approx 100.00 and includes was new water line and wax ring kit.

Punch lists - Home Inspection punch lists can be emailed to me in advance and prices quoted via email in many cases.  Remember I work on home inspection punch lists several times a month.  Most of what comes up on a punch list is typical in many homes.  Site visits are no problem and written estimate are cheerfully provided.

Demolition - Demolition is a necessary evil.  Have the experts clear out the old and make way for your new work quickly and efficiently.  Site estimates are no problem.

Consultation - Ever thought about doing the work yourself?  There is great satisfaction in doing the work yourself.  Don't know where to start.  Need expert advise and on going help?  I can provide on site help and consultation services for a mere 25.00 per hour.  I can show you how to install your own tile, windows, doors, drywall, paint, whatever.  I will work as your helper and adviser for however long you see fit. Bring over 30 years experience in on your next project!  You will be glad you did!

Decks - In the early 1990's, I started a business called "Deck Builders Plus".  A specialty deck business in Maryland.  Today we still build decks from simple to grand.  We have a standard 5 year warranty on all decks we build. Take advantage of our low overhead and have your deck built today.  All our work is performed to NC Residential Code standards.  We take care of getting all the permits as well.



Simply put, we charge by the job.  We do not charge extra for material.  We know things come up and we are willing to accept that on our end.  Why charge you by the hour for something you have no control over from an hourly perspective.  We have been in business a long time and understand what it takes to get work done.  We also know how much "stuff" costs and believe you also have a good idea.  I believe, as many of my customers do, that I am very fair with my prices.  Call today for a quote.

Some Basic Rates

Ceiling Fans - Replacements start at 65.00 + parts

Commodes - Replacements start at 85.00 + parts

Dishwasher - Replacements start at 85.00 +parts

Exterior Doors - Priced by the job

Faucets - Replacements start at 65.00 + parts

Garbage Disposals - Replacements start at 65.00 + parts

Interior Doors - Starts at 75.00 + parts

Lighting - Replacements start at 65.00 + parts

Roof Boots - Replacements start at 80.00 + parts

Storm Doors - Starts at 125.00 + parts

Siding - I use rot resistant Hardie Plank fiber cement siding were possible.  I repair and replace all kinds of siding but do not have a brake and cannot fabricate metal trim, so keep this in mind.